God is alive, and he loves you.

  Because of human brokenness and wickedness, people became separated from God. So God, the one who created everything, the one who spoke the universe into existence, devised a way to bring the lost human race back to him. God decided that he would take the punishment for the sins of the world. He humbled himself and became a man, Jesus of Nazareth. Even though he had all the frailty and limitations of a man, he lived a sinless life. Eventually, the sinless Jesus, after an unjust trial, allowed himself to be tortured and executed in the cruelest manner.    

While Jesus was on the cross, the judgment for the sins of the entire world was poured out on him. He took your sins upon himself, and took the judgment you deserved. Jesus took the punishment that we deserve for our sins. Three days after he died, he rose from the dead, and is now forevermore the God-man Jesus Christ. Because of this, Jesus has all authority over sin and death. He has the authority to say...

"I have a free gift for you. It is forgiveness of all your sins, past, present and future. I will live in you, and you will live in me. In this life you will learn what it means to live for me, and to love others through my power.  After you die, you will be like me and live with me forever. This free gift is available to you."

Turn from you old life and turn to God. Have faith that Jesus died for your sins and then rose from the dead. Just accept his free gift of forgiveness, dynamic relationship, new life now, and eternal life after you die. God will make miraculous, seemingly impossible changes in your life.
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The Bible is a unique treasure. It contains 66 books, written by over 40 authors over the course of more than 1500 years. Given those facts you might expect that the Bible would be a disjointed collection of historic writings and wisdom literature. This couldn't be further from the truth.  Not only is the Bible full of wisdom, poetry, the history of nations, and the stories of God working with individuals; it also tells a story whose plot line is woven through the entire Bible, whose narrative unfolds over the course of thousands of years, a story that could only have been written by people who were inspired by, and had access to, the mind of God.

We at Church by Grace have a "high view" of scripture. This means that we affirm the authority, inerrancy, and sufficiency of the Bible in the original autograph. We also understand that we read the inspired words with imperfect eyes, and inspired thoughts with limited human minds. Because of this, we are not surprised when people have different views and theological positions. While we hold fast to the foundational beliefs of Christianity, we seek to foster a culture of intellectual liberty, where differing views can be discussed as we grow together in understanding. 

We place a very high value on the revealed word of God. We believe that investing in the understanding of scripture,  leads to a more dynamic understanding of who God is, and an understanding of how we are to live as we express His image to the world.

We have a great list of Bible apps and software here. If you would like a paper copy of the Bible, please contact us here. If you have a question about the Bible please use the button below.

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"Now you are the Body of Christ, and members of it individually"
1 Corinthians 12:27


We value relationship toward God, inside the church, and out to the community. The Bible says, that if you are a Christian, that you are part of the Body of Christ. This mystical organism is made up of many individuals, each one intimately tied to the other by the relationship we share inside of Jesus Christ. As a believer, the new creation, who is you, is designed to be in relationship with God and fellow believers.

We at Church by Grace value helping people come together in fellowship. It gives us a sense of strong community, and helps us to realize our new identity in God. We also value helping people engage in their gifts and talents, by offering opportunities to engage in ministry. Our desire is that no one ever feels they are unused or unusable. 

We believe allowing one another to use their gifts and talents brings balance and strength to the church. No one is alone. We all have a part in the Body of Christ; each person working together in their strength, and placing high value on the strengths of others, as we support the whole.

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"For freedom, Christ has set us free." 
Galatians 5:1

What are you a slave to? Jesus came to set you free. Free to live a life of liberty, shining his light, and living life in a special way that he created just for you.

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